A New Paradigm In Atmospheric Plasma Processing For Low Cost Manufacturing Of Ultra-Barrier Films. (Printed Electronics Europe 2016)

Dr Jan Bouwstra, Senior Research Associate
FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe BV


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Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe BV*

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Presentation Summary

A low cost manufacturing process for high quality gas permeation barrier films remains a critical success factor for flexible electronic devices.
We report on a novel R-to-R atmospheric pressure PECVD process with an excellent scale-ability, capable to deposit SiOx moisture barrier films characterised by a thickness of 20 nm in combination with a WVTR of 10-4 gr/m2.day.
The technical and scientific features of the technology platform and of the ultra-barrier coatings will be discussed. Additionally, the offer to use this technology for novel application fields by third parties will be explained.

Speaker Biography (Jan Bouwstra)

Dr. Ir. J.B. Bouwstra received his PhD in the field of 2D NMR for 3D conformational studies of glyco-peptides, and continued his research in the corporate Lab's of Fujifilm in the Netherlands.
His research interests vary between bio-polymers for medical use and atmospheric plasma technology for deposition of functional layers.
He is the inventor of more than 20 patent applications, and project manager of several European research projects, financed by the EU (Marie Curie ITN, LIFE).

Company Profile (FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe BV)

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Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe BV is the largest manufacturing and research organisation of Fujifilm Co. outside Japan. Its corporate research lab in the Netherlands is active in the fields of membranes, bio-materials and flexible electronics. In the past 15 years a novel atmospheric plasma technology platform has been developed, open for use by third parties.
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