Beyond the Hype: Delivering the Promise of 3D across Multiple Industries (3D Printing LIVE! USA 2014)

Mr Bill Dahl, VP Marketing & Communications
United States

Presentation Summary

From advanced biomedical research of cerebral aneurysms to creating exquisite custom jewelry and extremely high precision industrial parts, we'll explore "the art of possible" using 3D printing in actual case studies. This is a "roll up your shirtsleeves" insight for using 3D printing capabilities to reach beyond traditional manufacturing and creative processes.

Speaker Biography (Bill Dahl)

A high tech veteran and marketing entrepreneur, Bill Dahl is now part of the strategic product development team at Solidscape® Inc., the world leader in high precision 3D printing. In his everyday role as VP of Marketing and Communications, Bill draws insights from Solidscape's very active Voice of the Customer (VOC) program identifying customer needs, unique applications, market trends and opportunities.

Company Profile (Solidscape)

Solidscape logo
Solidscape®, Inc., a subsidiary of Stratasys Ltd, is changing the way parts are made, with a simple click ... one industry at a time. Founded in 1994, Solidscape is an innovative pioneer in the 3D printing industry and has the largest installed base of high-precision 3D printers for manufacturing wax patterns operating in over 80 countries. Solidscape's high-precision 3D printers for manufacturing leverage the combination of precision- printing technology (5,000 x 5,000 x 8,000 dpi in xyz) and material properties (100% castable) producing wax patterns ideal for lost wax investment casting and mold making applications that set the industry's standards for surface finish, accuracy and material castability.
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