ClothCall - Directional-Aware Smart Clothes (Wearable USA 2017)

Mr Yariv Erad, CEO
HISEP Technology Ltd.


USA 2017 Presentation - HISEP Technology Ltd.*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - HISEP Technology Ltd.*
USA 2017 Video Presentation - HISEP Technology Ltd.*

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Presentation Summary

Presenting ClothCall™ - an innovative smart clothing system, which enables clothes to "wirelessly talk" directly with each other (cloth to cloth...), share & compare the environmental conditions measured by each cloth, determine the relative direction of each other, and provide the wearer relative direction indications - thus enhancing the contextual environmental data.

Speaker Biography (Yariv Erad)

18 years of experience in leading, initiating and innovating advanced and multidisciplinary product development projects in various technological fields (RF, IOT, medical, clean-tech). Mr. Erad holds an LL.B. degree.

Company Profile (HISEP Technology Ltd.)

HISEP Technology Ltd. logo
HISEP Technology Ltd. is an Israeli start-up company, integrating a unique, novel RF-based Direction-Finding (DF) technology with environmental sensors, in order to create a whole new category of smart clothing.
We've developed the first-ever DF system embedded in clothes, that can operate with no need for GPS, maps, indoor infrastructure data or crowd-sourcing mapping data - our DF technology can work anywhere, anytime - indoor or outdoor - over coming RF reflection issues;
A very experience team of RF-based Direction-Finding experts and out-of-the-box thinkers - we are focusing on everyday, casual clothes - not only sport-oriented like the majority of wearable tech products - a much larger market, enabling product operation all the time - not only during the sport activity;
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