Connected Electronics: Creating New Trends In Flexible Circuits & Sensors Industries (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Dr Vivek Bharti, VP Business Strategy and Marketing
United States


USA 2017 Presentation - Multek*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Multek*

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Presentation Summary

Growth in connected electronics has created convergence in the different technologies and industries. It has created new needs, and solutions along with new consumer expectations. Now for any device important factors are not only about its functionality and cost but also design, convenience, customization, and size. Multek Flexible Circuits Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Flex (NASDAQ: FLEX), has been delivering reliable roll-to-roll flexible electronics and materials for over 60 years. We are working closely with our customers and partners from various industries to understand growing needs and to provide sketch-to-scale vertically integrated solutions to optimize cost and benefit equation. We will present how our experienced team and technologies are well positioned to address the existing gaps as well as the evolving needs of this industry.

Speaker Biography (Vivek Bharti)

Dr. Vivek Bharti is a VP of Marketing and Strategy leading teams of Multek Flexible Inc. and Flex. He holds Ph.D. in materials and MBA. He has long history of developing materials and applications in sensors and actuator area. During his work at Penn State, he invented electrostriction phenomenon in polymers. His innovation skills are demonstrated by 31 patents & 45 publications in multiple industries. He has track record of demonstrating visionary strategic thinking, leadership, and distinguished performance in developing and envisioning new disruptive technologies and product platforms.

Company Profile (Multek Corporation)

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Multek Flexible Circuits Incorporated, has delivered reliable Flexible Electronics and Materials for over 60 years. Our state of the art equipment enables sketch to scale solutions, which helps to optimize your cost/benefit equation. Built upon a foundation of rapid response, technology leadership and high reliability, Multek empowers customers to take products to the market quickly through early engineering, integrating our unique technologies, and volume production. Our solutions leverage a broad range of high-performance products, materials, and solutions.
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