Dematerializing Auto Manufacturing (3D Printing USA 2015)

Kevin Czinger, Founder & CEO
Divergent Microfactories
United States

Presentation Summary

³Dematerializing Auto Manufacturing² will look at the health, environmental and economic impacts associated with traditional car manufacturing. It offers an innovative alternative to dramatically reduce pollution and capital costs through a proprietary manufacturing platform that incorporates 3D printing. As part of the presentation, Czinger will unveil the company¹s prototype, the world¹s first 3D printed supercar, based on this technology."

Speaker Biography (Kevin Czinger)

Kevin Czinger is the founder and CEO of Divergent Microfactories, Inc., a
company working to revolutionize car manufacturing. Kevin began his career serving in the United States Marine Corps and then worked as a lawyer trying some of the most prominent securities fraud cases of the late 1980s. Following stints in investment banking, venture, private equity, and education, Kevin brought his passionate sense of social mission to the electric car movement. As CEO of Coda Automotive, he designed, built, and certified one of the first all-electric automobiles. Kevin's experience at Coda flipped his thinking and taught him that how we make our cars is a much bigger environmental problem than how we fuel our cars. He founded Divergent to radically reduce the materials, energy, and cost of car manufacturing, and to put these new tools of production and innovation into the hands of small teams all around the world.

Company Profile (Divergent Microfactories)

Divergent Microfactories logo
Divergent provides a disruptive new approach to auto manufacturing that incorporates 3D printed nodes connected by carbon fiber tubing that results in an industrial strength chassis that can be assembled in a matter of minutes.
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