Development of flexible Solar Cells on Textiles (Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon Europe 2009)

Prof John Wilson, Co-Director
Power Textiles, United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • Solar cells on textiles: structure and challenges;
  • Microwave plasma enhanced CVD of silicon;
  • Characterisation of Si films and devices on polyester

Speaker Biography (John Wilson)

John I B Wilson is Professor of Materials Processing, in Physics at Heriot-Watt University. He has over 30 years of experience in thin-film materials (including diamond, polymers, and amorphous silicon) with ~180 publications. The first UK amorphous silicon solar cell was reported by the Heriot-Watt team in1977. He has been a consultant on photovoltaic technology to the UN-TCD in Romania, and to institutions in Australia, India, and Nigeria. In 1994 he founded DILAB Limited (microwave plasma technology for diamond) and co-founded Power Textiles Limited in 2007 (flexible solar cells). John is a Chartered Physicist and a Chartered Engineer.

Company Profile (Power Textiles)

Power Textiles logo
Power Textiles Limited was launched to develop a process for the direct integration of solar cells on textiles. The company was formed in March 2007 with SMART:SCOTLAND funding to Mather Technology Solutions from the Scottish Government
The company is currently developing a process on a laboratory scale, in such a way that the process can be scaled up to production level. A wide variety of applications is envisaged for the product, including mounting for temporary accommodation (for refugees/emergency use/disaster areas), permanent fixtures on buildings (roofs/awnings) and military and defence applications.
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