Disruption of Healthcare With AI & Robotics (Wearable USA 2019)

Hamayal Choudhry, Founder and CEO


USA 2019 _ smartARM _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

In this session we will be exploring the different trends in the healthcare space that are being revolutionized by AI & robotics allowing more accessible and customized healthcare for the global population. We will be looking at this through the lens of smartARM, and bionics start-up.

Speaker Biography (Hamayal Choudhry)

Hamayal Choudhry is the social entrepreneur behind smartARM. He launched the bionics company, where the team created an advanced & ultra-affordable bionic hand powered by artificial intelligence for amputees. He won Microsoft's worldwide student tech competition, the Imagine Cup 2018, with a prize of $130 000 USD out of about 40 000 students worldwide. The goal with smartARM is to develop an affordable yet functional device for amputees who otherwise would never have access to prosthetics due to the current cost of devices which can rack up to $200 000 USD (smartARM costs $1000). Prior to becoming Founder & CEO of smartARM, he's also worked as a robotics engineer at Tesla and researcher in industrial robotics. It was these experiences that motivated him to apply his skills in tech in an industry where it would impact humanity and improve the quality of people's lives. He has been invited to give several talks in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Paris, Berlin and Pakistan as well as TEDx.

Company Profile (smartARM)

smartARM make affordable bionic hands supercharged with artificial intelligence. By embedding a camera in the palm, smartARM analyzes objects an amputees are interacting with and automatically calculates the most appropriate grip. While most bionic hands start at the $75 000 price point, smartARM begins at $3000. smartARM brings affordable, yet functional bionic hands to those that need them the most. smartARM won Microsoft's biggest tech competition, Imagine Cup, in 2018 from more than 40 000 students around the globe. They were awarded $130 000 and 1:1 mentorship with Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella. smartARM strives to improve the lives of amputees all around the world
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