Electrically Conductive Cotton Yarns (Wearable Europe 2017)

Mr Jeff Gabbay, CEO & CTO
Argaman Technologies Ltd.


Europe 2017 Presentation - Argaman Technologies Ltd.*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Argaman Technologies Ltd.*

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Presentation Summary

The ability to add qualities to cotton fibers (self-sterilizing, fireproof, electrical conduction, wound healing, and more) opens a world of applications that have hitherto been unavailable in cotton. Argaman's patented system employs a new "green" ultrasonic technology which brings textile production into the 21st century.

Speaker Biography (Jeff Gabbay)

Jeff Gabbay has been working in technical textiles since 1975. He served as the Chief Development Engineer for the Israel Ministry of Defense and Israel Defense Force until 1993 when he moved into medical textiles. He has a background in textile engineering, chemistry, bio-chemistry, and a specialty in bio-inhibitive textiles and infection control. He has served as an advisor to NASA, presently testing Argaman's textile products in the International Space Station.

Company Profile (Argaman Technologies Ltd.)

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Argaman specializes in the development and manufacture of raw materials which are applied to create unique textiles for health, hygiene, and safety. The company's main production facility is located in Jerusalem, Israel.
Argaman has two areas of expertise: cotton fiber treatment (CottonX™) and polymer additive development (Bio-Block™).
(1) CottonX™ is Argaman's treatment of staple fibers using an ultrasonic cavitation system which it has developed.
(2) Bio-Block™ is Argaman's polymer based compounds which are used in the application of synthetic fibers for various medical and military uses in extruded fibers.
Both technologies allow for seamless introduction into standard textile products.
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