Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting: Methods, Opportunities, And A Way Forward (Energy Harvesting Europe 2017)

Mr Christian Pennisi, COO
Jennova Inc
United States
Mr Terry Pennisi, Head of R&D
Jennova Inc.
United States


Europe 2017 Presentation - Jennova Inc*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Jennova Inc*

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Presentation Summary

Our presentation will cover a variety of electrodynamic energy harvesting methods. We will detail the available power opportunities for each method and paint a picture of potential and existing applications. Further, we intend to focus on need for a development perspective with regards to electrodynamic energy harvesting.

Speaker Biography (Christian Pennisi)

An avid entrepreneur, Christian Pennisi got his start in business at 16 when he began his own online reselling company. Since that time, he has worked in business development and marketing for a number of other businesses. He joined Jennova in 2010 and has played a crucial role in reframing the company internally as well as breaching into new market spaces.

Speaker Biography (Terry Pennisi)

A retired Navy veteran, Terry Pennisi got his start in the technical field when he first joined the military as a nuclear reactor operator. Since then, he has worked on cutting edge technology for multiple companies in various industries, including a national laboratory. It was only a matter of time before he decided to put his dreams and ideas into action and in 2008 Jennova was founded.

Company Profile (Jennova Inc.)

Jennova Inc. logo
Founded in 2008, Jennova was established with the vision of developing new energy harvesting methods in order to play a role in creating a more sustainable future. Since the companies inception they have developed multiple unique electrodynamic energy harvesting methods, from direct motion, vibration, flow, and more. They now operate as an R&D firm that works with companies to develop energy harvesting solutions designed for the clients specific environment and with their end goal in mind.
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