Experiences with Dynamic Energy Storage Systems Based on Ultracapacitors on Commercial Hybrid Buses and Trucks (Supercapacitors Europe 2014)

Mr Erik Verhaeven, CTO


Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - 4ESYS*

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Presentation Summary

• With the market introduction of dynamic energy storage systems OPTESYS® with specific adaptive regulation and control, field experiences were gathered over more than 10 million km with commercially available hybrid buses and trucks.
• Specific configuration and functionality aspects will be described based on large EC capacitor systems providing 3MJ of energy at 750 V for heavy duty operation.
• Influences of cell-to-cell balancing between the individual energy cells were recorded during the different operating modes. The obtained experiences have been leading towards optimal energy management and enhancements towards durability, serviceability and lifetime

Speaker Biography (Erik Verhaeven)

Co-founder of 4ESys and brings 30 years of international engineering experience in several high-tech technologies and applications. Erik worked in a variety of disciplines within companies with high profile technology including telecommunication (Alcatel Antwerp), medical equipment (Philips Medical Systems Eindhoven), and automotive (Delphi Bascharage, Luxembourg and Sao Paulo, Brazil). Erik holds a Master of Science in Electro-technical Engineering from Ghent University.

Company Profile (4ESYS)

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4Esys NV is the dedicated European market driver providing tailored modular systems for application specific electrochemical energy storage and power delivery solutions for heavy duty applications. 4Esys engages in the development, design and manufacturing of OPTESYS® application specific integrateable modular systems for dynamic energy storage and power delivery. Based on ultracapacitors, Li-capacitors and New Li technologies our systems provide best-of-breed dynamic energy storage with high power densities for optimum power delivery and energy regeneration.
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