Facing The Challenges Of Vibration Energy Harvesting In Fully Encapsulated Wireless Sensors (Internet of Things Applications USA 2017)

Dr Jean-Samuel Chenard, President


USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Motsai*

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Presentation Summary

This talk will cover the architectural decisions, experimental process and realization of an autonomous industrial IoT sensor that relies solely on piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting to operate. This project stemmed from the requirements to design a sensor that is deeply embedded in a product and subject to very harsh environmental operating conditions. The sensor further requires many years of operation lifetime and be compact. No battery technology could meet the requirements and energy harvesting was used to meet the challenge.

Speaker Biography (Jean-Samuel Chenard)

Jean-Samuel obtained his PhD in microelectronics from McGill University in Canada where he studied low-power computing architectures and wireless systems. Prior to founding Motsai Research, Jean-Samuel has worked for many years in the telecommunication sector as a hardware and architecture designer and consultant to develop FPGAs and ASIC devices for Marconi PLC, EXFO and Accedian Networks. Jean-Samuel has always been passionate about electronic product design and their evolution and their profound impact on society. With more than 20 years of electronic design experience, he has participated in the development of products ranging from optical networking switches and wireless data routers to smart wearable electronic products and miniature motion sensors.

Company Profile (Motsai Inc.)

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Founded in 2010, Motsai Research is a company focused on extracting information from motion using modern microelectronic sensors. To reach this goal, the company collaborates with many businesses to create smart systems that can extract information from their environment and generate useful data. Leveraging its team of experts in electronic design, software, algorithms and system design, Motsai Research creates a new generation of sensors that will undoubtedly be part of connected systems of the future.
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