How Automakers Are Driving Energy Storage Adoption (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Ms Candice Yu, Policy and Strategic Planning
Mercedes Benz Energy
United States


USA 2017 Presentation - Mercedes Benz Energy*

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Presentation Summary

The path forward for widespread energy storage adoption will come from the road. As consumers transition to EVs, they begin to consider how to charge in the most efficient, clean, cost-effective way possible, providing an ideal opportunity for energy storage. A key component to accommodating EV adoption is offering seamless solutions that easily facilitate this transition - providing an entire EV ecosystem. EVs are integral to how the grid of the future will operate, and automakers are uniquely positioned to provide this suite of energy solutions that will make widespread energy storage adoption a reality.

Speaker Biography (Candice Yu)

Candice Yu is passionate about bringing clean energy technologies to market. She currently leads policy affairs and strategic planning at Mercedes-Benz Energy, a new subsidiary of Daimler providing energy products and solutions. Prior to Mercedes, Candice worked for SunEdison, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison. She has extensive experience in wholesale energy markets, project development, and policy analysis. She received her Master of International Affairs from the School of Global Policy & Strategy at University of California, San Diego.

Company Profile (Mercedes Benz Energy)

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Established in 2016, Mercedes-Benz Energy is a fully owned subsidiary of Daimler AG. Mercedes-Benz Energy offers innovative energy solutions to manage resources more efficiently and sustainably. The company is responsible for the development and distribution of stationary energy storage under the Mercedes-Benz brand. Using durable lithium-ion batteries produced in Germany, Mercedes-Benz Energy storage systems can optimize solar consumption, reduce expensive peak electric loads, provide backup power, and offer a variety of grid services. Based on the same automotive-grade battery technology used in Mercedes-Benz electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Energy storage solutions meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety. For more information, visit
Mercedes-Benz is pursuing a holistic approach regarding the electrification of the drive train. Apart from the EQ brand with a family of vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is also developing a holistic ecosystem, which, alongside the vehicle itself, also comprises a comprehensive range of electric mobility-related offerings.
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