How Functional Generative Design Reshapes Everything (3D Printing Europe 2017)

Mr Jesse Coors-Blakenship, CEO & Founder
Frustum Inc.
United States


Europe 2017 Presentation - Frustum Inc.*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Frustum Inc.*

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Presentation Summary

In this session, Jesse Coors-Blankenship will introduce the Frustum's cloud-based software, Generate. He will explore how advances in CAD integrated freeform geometry have brought topology optimization to the designer, providing the ability to fully benefit from additive manufacturing's design constraint freedoms.

Speaker Biography (Jesse Coors-Blakenship)

Jesse Blankenship is a consummate technologist and pioneer of functional generative design. His original research in design optimization at Columbia University and Cornell University lead him to theposition of Senior Optimization Engineer at Autodesk Research where he was the lead optimization engineer on the Airbus 2050 concept plane. After his time at Autodesk Jesse founded Frustum Inc. to realize his vision of an integrated design optimization platform for designers and engineers to break the mold of traditional CAD modeling paradigms. With an eye to the future on the way we design and manufacture things, Jesse is driving Frustum's flagship platform Generate to market.

Company Profile (Frustum Inc.)

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Frustum provides the first comprehensive generative design tool for additive manufacturing. Its technology marries complexity with user-friendliness and represents the next step in the evolution of design. In minutes, Frustum can generate parts that used to take industrial designers months to perfect. Thanks to topology optimization, Frustum creates the optimal shapes and meshes to match the performance designers need.
Frustum's freeform geometry kernel is the only solution that allows designers to blend topology optimization and traditional CAD data resulting in fully printable designs that eliminate the need and costs of part redesign, while drastically reducing design time.
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