Impermeable Bipolar Plate Materials: Simple Is The New Advance (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Dr Bill Brooks,
United States


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Presentation Summary

Battery electrodes today are more advanced than ever before. From complex polymer blend composites to three dimensional, advanced woven architectures, these materials are paving the way for better performing and more novel battery systems. Carbon-based electrode materials have been at the forefront of these developments, particularly in flow batteries. Currently, the state of the art in bipolar plate materials for redox flow batteries comprises a fluoropolymer-expanded graphite composite. This paper introduces the performance of a new, more economical approach to graphite composite materials for bipolar plates. By combining abundant ingredients with an expanded graphite foil in a novel manufacturing process, a new sheet material with state of the art performance in redox flow cells has been developed. Volume resistivity matches the market leading composite materials. The new material provides improved mechanical flexibility and reduced proton permeability. The material is also more resistant to oxidative damage at high potentials and exfoliation by intercalation. All of these improvements are achieved at reduced cost compared with fluoropolymer composites. This combination of highly desirable attributes leads to longer lasting redox flow systems and a lower total cost of ownership.

Company Profile (eChemion Inc)

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eChemion converts standard graphite materials into high performance components for electrochemical systems. Our first product, eC17, is a high performing bi-polar plate used in flow batteries and other electro-chemical applications. Our patent pending impregnation produces an impermeable, strong, long lasting, and very affordable flexible bi-polar sheet using readily available graphite foil materials. eChemion also offers treated graphite felts with enhanced properties, which when combined with its eC17 bipolar plates increases voltaic efficiency and cycle life in flow batteries.
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