More Spectrum for RFID in Europe - What for? (RFID Europe 2011)

Mr John B Falck, Engineer
John Falck Associates
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • Operational advantages of more spectrum
  • Compatibility issues
  • Benefits from operation in a global band

Speaker Biography (John B Falck)

As co-founder of Cotag International in 1979 John Falck is one of the early pioneers of RFID. He later left to set up his own independent consultancy specialising in RFID.
John is now chairman of ERM-TG34 within the European Telecommunications Institute (ETSI) responsible for the development of non-generic European regulatory standards for RFID. He continues to lead the on-going development of the successful harmonised standard EN 302 208. Over the last two years he has represented the RFID industry in the response by ESOs to the EU Mandate on Privacy and Security for RFID.
John also has a special interest in developing human safety guidelines applicable to EAS and RFID systems. In addition he is vice-Chairman of the Low Power Radio Association.

Company Profile (John Falck Associates)

John Falck Associates logo
Formed in January '97 John Falck Associates (JFA) provides specialist consultancy in RFID.
The company has undertaken a wide range of assignments including work for a large Cambridge consultancy, investigations on behalf of major international corporations and participation in the preparation of ISO and regulatory standards for RFID. In addition JFA has successfully undertaken projects for a number of well-known RFID manufacturers. These tasks have included market studies, acting as an expert witness, specifications for new products, technical investigations, advice on compliance for new products and support of a more general nature.
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