Next-Generation Assembly Solutions For Addressing The Challenges Of Advanced Packaging And Flexible Substrates (Wearable USA 2016)

Dr Denis Barbini, Associate Director, A.R.E.A. Consortium
Universal Instruments Corporation
United States

Presentation Summary

Wearable technologies such as smart watches, cameras, glasses, clothing, etc. are rapidly opening up a new world of technology and connectivity, as well as a huge market opportunity. Many electronics manufacturers today are struggling to implement efficient volume production processes to meet the aggressive demands of this growing market. In this presentation, we'll discuss ways to develop winning solutions to address wearables manufacturing challenges.

Speaker Biography (Denis Barbini)

Denis is the Associate Director of the A.R.E.A. (Advanced Research in Electronics Assembly) Consortium for Universal Instruments. His current focus is identifying the critical needs in emerging technologies and assembly processes in order to develop specific projects for the Consortium. Denis has traveled the electronics manufacturing world providing guidance and solutions to a wide variety of companies. In addition, he speaks directly with companies to ascertain what they see as the challenges that lie ahead. Over the past 20 years, Denis has led research programs focused on the impact of materials on the assembly process and the associated reliability of the final product. Denis received his Doctorate degree from Binghamton University which is located in Binghamton, New York.

Company Profile (Universal Instruments Corporation)

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Universal's core products include a comprehensive surface mount platform portfolio; leading-edge advanced semiconductor packaging solutions for a fast-evolving technology landscape; a through-hole lineup that is the industry standard for productivity and reliability; flexible automation cells for odd-form or light mechanical and back-end assembly; line software to manage manufacturing activities; an advanced process lab and industry-leading consortium.
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