Noble Metal Materials for Future Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Dr Yutaka Hisaeda, Project Manager/Product Development
DOWA HD Europe GmbH


Berlin 2014 Presentation - DOWA HD Europe GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

(1) What DOWA provides?
(2) Competencies of DOWA
(3) DOWA's Future Work with You

Speaker Biography (Yutaka Hisaeda)

In April 2002, I graduated the Chemical engineering department of TOHOKU University, Japan
Since joined to DOWA, I have engaged to the works regarding noble metal materials from manufacturing to R&D,
Among them, the silver nano materials was launched in 2007, and have promoted new functional materials for future technologies.
Since 2012, I moved to Europe to promote our materials and to search new business chance based on our powder technologies.

Company Profile (Dowa Electronics Materials, Co., Ltd)

Dowa Electronics Materials, Co., Ltd logo
Dowa is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced materials for semi-conductor, magnetic and electro-conductive applications. We supply a wide range of silver products from nano-sized particles to over-micron spherical and flake powders to meet customers' various requirements including plasma displays and photo-voltaic solar panels.
Dowa is launching a unique aqueous nanoparticle silver ink, developed by PChem Associates, that enables printed electronic circuits using high speed roll-roll processes. With this product line-up, numerous emerging application opportunities are anticipated, such as RFID antennas, EMI shielding, and flexible solar panels. We look forward to meeting your demands and answering any questions you have.
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