Nuon Solar Team- Race The Sun (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2016)

Ms Winnifred Noorlander, Public Relations
Nuon Solar Team


Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - Nuon Solar Team*

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Presentation Summary

During the 25 minute presentation the aim of the Nuon Solar Team will be briefly discussed. To show the current possibilities with high-end technology and inspire people towards a sustainable future is something we aim for by racing all around the world. But how do you build such a solar car that is able to withstand the fierce completion and cover thousands of miles? Therefore the building process of Nuna will be explained step by step giving insight in why each step was so important in becoming a World Champion in Solar racing. Last but not least we will have a look at the future of electric & solar cars and what we can do to help to speed this process along.

Speaker Biography (Winnifred Noorlander)

Winnifred Noorlander (1993) has been studying Civil Engineering at the Technical University since 2013.
Since the beginning of this year she has been responsible for the Public Relations of the Nuon Solar Team.
She takes care of organizing events for the team and also helps with manufacturing the solar car whenever possible.
With a passion for high-end technologies and sustainability she will do everything she can to keep the world title solar racing in the Netherlands.

Company Profile (Nuon Solar Team)

Nuon Solar Team logo
The Nuon Solar Team has been building and racing solar cars since 2001. We have participated in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge eight times and placed first six times. The race is a gruelling 3000 kilometres through the desert of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide were a handful of students from the Technical University Delft do their utmost best to win the race.
The combination of high-end technology, sustainable energy and the excitement of the race illustrates the Nuon Solar Team's vision perfectly: we race to show the current possibilities with high-end technology and inspire people towards a sustainable future in which durable energy is used in the most efficient way.
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