OLED Alternative With Inorganic LED Based Technology For Diffuse Lighting Products (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Dr James Gourlay, Technical Director
Design LED Products Ltd
United Kingdom

Company Profile (Design LED Products Ltd)

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DesignLED offer flexible, totally customisable, differentiated lighting solutions. Our internationally patented technology integrates printed electronics, inorganic LEDs and micro-optics to provide lighting optimised for applications as diverse as Architectural and Home Lighting.
Based in Scotland, DesignLED invents, protects and commercialises intellectual property for two product platforms: Direct Light, and Area Light Tiles. These integrate LEDs into a thin, flat, transparent and incredibly flexible light tile, optimised to provide focussed direct illumination or uniform large-area backlighting.
DesignLED are currently exploring future potential innovations in advanced printed electronics, integration of sensing and control electronics for intelligent lighting, advanced micro-optics, and roll-to-roll manufacturing.
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