Optical Waveguide Technologies for Augmented Reality Smart Glasses and HMD (Wearable Europe 2020)

Mr Kayvan Mirza, CEO & Co-Founder
United States

Presentation Summary

There are several ways for creating a see-through virtual image. The first are technologies that do not use waveguides (half mirrors, free form mirrors, etc.). The second uses waveguides. The three tree main waveguide technology variants (reflective, diffractive, and holographic) will be presented in detail.

Speaker Biography (Kayvan Mirza)

Has built his career in the US and France. Previously held key positions at Invensys, HP, and Thomson/Technicolor where he successfully set-up and ran an optical component business from scratch. He also ran a large scale component business with two R&D centers (Singapore and Germany), manufacturing in Asia (20mpcs/yr), and a worldwide sales force and agent network. He holds a BSEE degree from University of Illinois and has studied Operations Management at the ESCP the oldest business school in Europe.

Company Profile (Optinvent)

Optinvent is the leading maker of wearable tech products with patented technologies and extensive know-how in the field. Their first product, the ORA-1 is a smart glass platform based on a large see-through virtual display capable of supporting a multitude of hands free mobile computing applications with record setting performance and form factor. The ORA-X due out soon is a revolutionary new product category, Intelligent headphones destined for consumers.
ORA-1® and ORA-X® are registered trademarks of Optinvent SA, for more information please visit: http://www.optinvent.com
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