Polarizing Organic Photovoltaic Devices for Energy-Efficient Liquid Crystal Displays (Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics USA 2011)

Dr Rui Zhu, Postdoctoral Researcher
United States

Presentation Summary

  • Inefficient photon usage in LCD display.
  • Concept of photovoltaic polarizer.
  • Proof-of-concept polarizing organic photovoltaic devices.
  • Challenges and requirements for future development.
  • Recent efforts on the silver nanowire-based transparent conductors.

Speaker Biography (Rui Zhu)

Rui Zhu received his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry at Fudan University in 2008, working on polymer light-emitting materials and devices. After that, he has been working on the solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells at the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a research fellow. In 2009, he joined Prof. Yang Yang's group at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as a postdoctoral researcher, working on the organic photovoltaic device. His current research focuses on polarizing organic photovoltaic devices, nanowire-based transparent conductors, and novel interface modification technologies. He has authored and co-authored more than 30 research papers.