Printed Interactive Graphics for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Mr Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, Chief Business Development Officer


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Presentation Summary

  • Taking printed intelligence/printed functionalities from today's components to today's products.
  • Possibilities with printed electrochromics.
  • Roadmap forward.

Speaker Biography (Jani-Mikael Kuusisto)

Jani-Mikael Kuusisto is the CEO of Ynvisible Interactive Inc. He has extensive international experience with printed electronics customer and supply value chains - particularly relating to consumer packaged goods. Prior to Ynvisible, Jani-Mikael was business development manager at VTT, heading its printed intelligence commercialization program. 2002-2007 he was responsible for printed electronics business development at Metso Corporation and its spin-out Avantone Oy. Jani-Mikael received his MSc in Economics and Business Administration from the Helsinki School of Economics.

Company Profile (Ynvisible)

Ynvisible logo
Ynvisible develops and brings to market interactive printed graphics solutions, based on electrochromics (EC). Our growing set of proprietary ink sets and design tools and processes, are used to design and produce displays that are low power, light weight, thin, flexible, transparent and robust. Smart products incorporating ynvisible's electrochromic displays provide an ideal and easy to adopt "face to the IoT". ynvisible's mix of services, materials and technology is a unique combination, which is winning favour among brand owners developing their IoT products for a huge market in its infancy.
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