Solar Car Racing, Where Are We Heading? (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2017)

Ms Sharon van Luik, Marketing
Nuon Solar Team


Europe 2017 Presentation - Nuon Solar Team*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Nuon Solar Team*

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Presentation Summary

With a world screaming for sustainable solutions, the realization of a commercial car fuelled only by solar energy is not far away.
The Nuon Solar Team has successfully build solar cars over the last 15 years and are six times world champions in solar racing in Australia. The team will share their keys to their successes and there passion for a sustainable future. They will not only take you back in time to learn more about solar racing in general but also take you into the future to discover the prospects of solar cars.

Speaker Biography (Sharon van Luik)

Sharon van Luik is one of the sixteen members of the Nuon Solar Team, a student team of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. All members of the Nuon Solar Team devote one and a half year of their time to design, build and race the solar car. Currently the team is building their new solar car Nuna9. This is a brand new car with many new features, which will again bring the playing field of solar racing to a higher level. Sharon lived in Zambia for three months where she made a business plan for realizing solar powered streetlights in Africa. During her stay there she developed a passion for sustainability and wants to show the world the many possibilities of solar power.

Company Profile (Nuon Solar Team)

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The Nuon Solar Team is the all-time champion in the field of solar car racing. In October 2017 the Nuon Solar Team will participate in the World Solar Challenge in Australia for the ninth time. This is the ultimate sustainable challenge. Solar car 'Nuna' solely uses the energy of the sun during the race of 3000 kilometres through the Outback. The combination of the high-end technology, renewable energy and the excitement of the race reflects the vision of the Nuon Solar Team perfectly. During the race we push the limits of technology to inspire people towards a sustainable future in which energy is used in the most efficient way.
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