Supercapacitors as Fuel Cell Life Extenders (Supercapacitors Europe 2014)

Dr Billy Wu, PhD Research Postgraduate
Imperial College London
United Kingdom


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Imperial College London*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - Imperial College London*

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Presentation Summary

o A 9.5 kWe proton exchange membrane fuel cell system was passively hybridised with a 33x1500 F supercapacitor pack
o Supercapacitors acted as a low pass-filter to the fuel cell, allowing for load smoothing without the need for a DCDC converter thus reducing cost
o Increases in fuel cell efficiency, durability and performance were achieved by hybridisation with supercapacitors
o High frequency load limitations were identified above which the load smoothing capabilities of the supercapacitors diminished

Speaker Biography (Billy Wu)

o Dr. Billy Wu graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London in 2010. He then went onto complete a PhD in fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles also at Imperial College London in 2014 and is currently a post-doctoral research associate, at the same university, in the Energy Futures Lab. As part of his position, he currently leads the undergraduate fuel cell research and development activities in the department of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include: lithium-ion batteries, PEM fuel cells, supercapacitors and electric vehicles.

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