The Future of Helicopters - How a hybrid power system could reduce crashes by up to 35% (Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air USA 2012)

Pascal Chretien, Electrical/Aerospace Engineer

Presentation Summary

  • Engine failure and internal/mechanical failures are responsible for over 40% of helicopter crashes.
  • With a hybrid power system back-up power is stored in the battery.
  • This would offer 3-4 minutes of battery-powered flight if the petrol engine failed, enough to land the craft safely and help reduce up to 35% of crashes.

Speaker Biography (Pascal Chretien)

Pascal Chretien, Pioneer Aerospace Engineer and Helicopter Pilot took to the air in the world's first untethered, fully electric manned helicopter flight in a prototype machine. In his 2 minutes & 10 seconds test flight, Chretien beat aviation giant Sikorsky into the record books.