We Electrify The Future (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2017)

Mr Tobias Mayer, Co-Founder & CTO
LION Smart GmbH


Europe 2017 Presentation - LION Smart GmbH*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - LION Smart GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

We electrify the future! In this presentation Tobias will introduce LION Smart's latest developments in battery management system technology and current trends in the e-mobility and stationary storage market.

Speaker Biography (Tobias Mayer)

Tobias is the technical manager and one of the founders of LION Smart GmbH. He has a degree in Automotive Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. Since his studies Tobias has been focused on the development and prototype construction of high voltage batteries and the design of test systems for battery safety tests. He is dedicated to push forward electromobility.

Company Profile (Lion Smart GmbH)

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LION Smart is a highly innovative engineering service company for OEMs, suppliers of the automotive industry and other industries. Utilizing Kreisel Electric's latest laser technology, LION Smart offers battery pack prototyping and series production and is able to offer best practice and ground breaking battery systems and solutions along with advanced manufacturing. Together with TÜV SÜD test facilities and laboratories for electric storage devices are operated. The company performs an ambitious research program on Battery Management Systems, maintaining strong links with research centers and universities. Using sophisticated BMS algorithms and the latest hardware, high performance battery packs that meet the challenges of a growing E-Mobility market are being developed.
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