Why Light Field Technology Is Essential For The Progression Of Augmented And Mixed Reality (Wearable USA 2017)

Mr Steve Medina, Director, Product Management
United States


USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Avegant*

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Presentation Summary

The adoption of augmented and mixed reality is being held back for a simple reason: no solution exists to see virtual objects at an arm's length. Light field displays change this by revolutionizing the optical architectures for augmented and mixed reality solutions. In this talk, Joerg Tewes will discuss the merits and drawbacks of light field technologies including sections on multi-focal imagery and near-field image generation. A look at the current state of the art will follow, concluded by details on the light field solution employed by Avegant and its potential for the future.

Speaker Biography (Steve Medina)

Steve Medina is the Director of Product Management at Avegant Corporation. He is responsible for product definition and requirements of hardware and software, developing MRDs, PRDs, MVPs, and designing and running user research. He led development of the award-winning Avegant Glyph over the finish line to its 2016 launch, and is now working on bringing Avegant's light field head mounted display to market. Medina has taken a wide variety of products from concept to launch at world-class companies like GoPro, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Sony, Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba.

Company Profile (Avegant)

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Avegant is a technology company re-imagining screens. The company uses its deep scientific understanding of human sight and head-mounted display ergonomics to reinvent the displays used in everyday life. Avegant's Light Field Technology enables virtual objects to seamlessly blend with the real world, enabling the kinds of mixed reality experiences we all want.
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