Wireless Charging That Works: Pitfalls And Solutions (Wearable USA 2017)

Mr Jacob Babcock, CEO
NuCurrent Inc.
United States

Company Profile (NuCurrent Inc.)

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NuCurrent's customers achieve higher efficiency, better user experience, and smaller form factors in their wirelessly powered devices. The power is in our patented technology, backed by customized service and rapid response.
NuCurrent Inc. is a venture-backed company that has patented the world's most efficient antennas for wireless power transfer. NuCurrent represents the new gold standard for high-efficiency wireless power technology.
Founded in 2009, NuCurrent developed a breakthrough in novel structures for low resistance antennas. Today our team continues to break ground in wireless power, with unmatched expertise in the industry. We've developed solutions for consumer electronics, mobile phones, wearables, mobility products, furniture-transmitters, automotive-transmitters and more.
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