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Research Articles

12 Apr 2024

IDTechEx Release New Global 3D Electronics Market Report

IDTechEx Research announces the availability of a new report, "3D Electronics/Additive Electronics 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, and Markets". This IDTechEx report assesses the competing technologies that will enable PCBs to be replaced with integrated electronics. It covers technologies, materials, and applications of electronics added to 3D surfaces, in-mold electronics (IME), and fully printed 3D electronics.
12 Apr 2024

Electrolyzer Market: Consistent Uptick in Number of Green H2 Players

As green hydrogen increasingly garners recognition as a pivotal tool for decarbonizing various industries, the electrolyzer market is also observing a steady and consistent rise in the number of companies venturing into the development of electrolyzer stacks and production facilities.
11 Apr 2024

Upcoming Webinar on Hydrogen and Solar Charged Electric Vehicles

Thursday 25 April 2024 - Hydrogen and Solar Charged Electric Vehicles: Navigating the EV Transition with Constrained Electrical Grids - Introduction to the need for off-grid charging; Overview of the main charging options; Relative advantages for each solution, and likely end-use sectors; Market outlook
11 Apr 2024

The Role of Printed Sensors in Mass-Digitization

Integrated sensors digitizing physical interactions are vital in everyday life. From personalized user experiences to warehouse inventory management, data-driven insights are driving demand for smarter sensors — and lots of them.
11 Apr 2024

Can Greener CO2-derived Chemicals Accelerate CCUS Uptake?

The chemical sector alone is responsible for 2% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions, and the industry depends heavily on finite fossil fuel feedstocks. The new IDTechEx report, "Carbon Dioxide Utilization 2024-2044: Technologies, Market Forecasts, and Players", explores how captured CO2 could be utilized as a feedstock for hundreds of different chemicals instead.
10 Apr 2024

3D Printing: Hobbyist Pastime or Industrial Evolution?

After years of hype, the 3D printing industry has moved onto a more critical examination of the value-add that effective additive manufacturing adoption brings to businesses and supply chains. In a recent episode on 3D printing, the technology innovation podcast 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' explored the history and benefits of this versatile technology, which has existed for over 30 years yet is still finding new applications and end-users in many major sectors.
10 Apr 2024

Safety in Electric Vehicles - Exploring Fire Protection Materials

When it comes to transport, safety is of the utmost importance, and due to the exponentially increasing demand in the electric vehicle market, the awareness of thermal runaway and potential fires from batteries is increasing simultaneously. IDTechEx's report "Fire Protection Materials for EV Batteries 2024-2034: Markets, Trends, and Forecasts" explores different battery technologies and fire-resistant materials as emerging options for dealing with the risks.
10 Apr 2024

Will QRNG Disrupt the Connected Devices Market?

The ability to generate random numbers is essential to encrypting data. However, any classical method of producing randomness will fundamentally be deterministic - and theoretically predictable. This creates an opportunity for non-deterministic, high entropy quantum random number generators (QRNGs). In this article, IDTechEx explores the opportunities and challenges for QRNG in the growing connected devices and quantum communications markets.
09 Apr 2024

New Episode of 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' Podcast: Batteries

IDTechEx have released a brand new episode of the 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' podcast, 'Battery Technology: What's The Next Big Breakthrough?'. Host Dr Tess Skyrme and industry expert Dr Alex Holland will be discussing the up-and-coming trends in the upcoming battery landscape.
09 Apr 2024

The Emerging Industrial Thermal Energy Storage Market

With ~90% of industrial heating processes using fossil fuels, this has led to approximately 25% of global energy pollution coming from heat produced for industrial processes. As such, demand for technologies to decarbonize industrial heating is expected to increase. One such technology that is able to store and supply heat to industrial processes is thermal energy storage (TES). TES for industrial applications currently only forms a minor percentage of global TES capacity, given that TES systems have been widely deployed in applications such as pairing with concentrated solar power (CSP) plants, district heating, cold chain, and space heating for buildings.
09 Apr 2024

Upcoming Webinar on eVTOLs and Urban Air Mobility

Wednesday 1 May 2024 - Unlocking the Skies: The Promise of eVTOLs and Urban Air Mobility - Introduction to urban air mobility and air taxi services; The different eVTOL aircraft design architectures; Key enabling technologies: batteries / motors / charging infra / composite materials; Market landscape and ongoing projects; Overview of IDTechEx's 20-year outlook for the eVTOL market
08 Apr 2024

Unlocking Tomorrow's Vision: Exploring Lidar Technology Trends in 2024

As autonomous driving continues to revolutionize the automotive industry, sensor technologies have undergone unprecedented advancements. One innovation standing out is Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar). Utilizing laser light to measure distances and create precise 3D maps of surroundings, Lidar has emerged as a game-changer in perception capabilities, especially for the automotive industry.