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Research Articles

by Dr Miguel El Guendy

24 Nov 2023

The Automotive Display Eco-System - A Complex Environment

Modern automotive interiors are evolving at a tremendously fast pace, moving past the mechanical dials and becoming fully electronic. The key attributes of these electronics are noticed by consumers, such as the design of the display, its curvature, brightness, and type of technology, i.e., OLED or LCD, when, in reality, there is a lot more that goes into building the display and assembling the entire unit.
08 Nov 2023

Technological Innovations in Next-Generation Image Sensors

The use of image sensors is set to revolutionize multiple industries from advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS)/autonomous driving to agriculture, industrial inspections, and medical imaging. The visualization of images beyond the visible light spectrum and the traditional red, green, and blue (RGB) is gaining traction and is set to impact the future of sensors in many more applications.
19 Oct 2023

Is 3D Technology Envisioned for Automotive Displays?

The rise in vehicle autonomy is expected to bring revolutionary technology to the automotive display sector. It will bring a shift in focus from OEMs, enhancing passenger entertainment on-board and increasing the number of displays capable of delivering a more immersive experience via augmented reality (AR).
10 Oct 2023

Enhancing Human Vision Through Next-Generation SWIR Sensors

For thousands of years, people have relied on and continue to rely on their vision to assess their surroundings. They evaluate objects and apply pre-conceived hypotheses based on what they see, and they do this daily.
06 Sep 2023

Are OLEDs and MicroLEDs set to dethrone LCDs in the Automotive Sector?

The current automotive display market is dominated by the TFT-LCD technology, and despite the rise of OLEDs in this sector, it is expected this strong presence will continue. IDTechEx's "Automotive Displays 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Opportunities" report provides a comprehensive coverage of this display sector, with key trends, market analysis, opportunities, and granular 10-year forecasts for display volume (number of displays) and value (US$), segmenting the industry by display type and technology.