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24 Apr 2021

Micro-LED Displays for 2021 Onwards

From mobile phones, TVs, to cars and public screens, displays have become an important component in our daily life to convey information. There is an emerging display type— Micro-LED display, which has the potential to become the next-generation mainstream.
28 Nov 2020

Samsung Display

Samsung showed many efforts related to micro-LED displays
19 Aug 2020


10 Aug 2020


31 Jul 2020

MicroLED Displays: Getting Ready for the Future?

MicroLED, believed by many to be the next generation of display technology, has been pursued by players of LED, display, OEM, materials and so on. Differentiated from LCD and OLED, microLED is considered to be the only display technology that has no size limitation. What are the potential applications?
31 Jan 2019

World's first 15.6-inch UHD (ultra-high definition) OLED panel

Samsung Display has succeeded in developing a 15.6-inch UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) OLED panel ― the world's first UHD display for the notebook/laptop market. Samsung will begin mass producing the 15.6-inch UHD OLED panel in mid-February.
1 Aug 2018

Samsung Display's 'unbreakable flexible panel'

Samsung Display announced that its recently-developed, unbreakable smartphone panel has just been officially verified by Underwriters Laboratories. In addition to being used on smartphones, the newly developed display is expected to find viable markets with other electronic products such as display consoles for automobiles, mobile military devices, portable game consoles and tablet PCs for e-learning.
26 Sep 2017

LG and Samsung invest €25 million in CYNORA

CYNORA, a leading provider of highly efficient organic emitter materials for OLEDs, announced that the two Korean tech giants have decided to support CYNORA on its way to becoming a major player for OLED emitting materials.
6 Jun 2016

Event report: Display Week 2016

This slideshow includes the highlights from Display Week in San Francisco, with a special emphasis on OLED, quantum dots, and Augmented Reality.
25 May 2016

Plastic and flexible OLED displays market to reach $18bn by 2020

IDTechEx Research has just released new forecasts for the OLED display market.
14 Mar 2016

Why Samsung will re-enter the OLED TV market

LG Display is currently the only manufacturer of large OLED panels. But it is not just the rivalry with LG that will drive Samsung to invest in OLED production capacity.
7 Mar 2016

Event report: Electronic Display Conference 2016

IDTechEx gave a talk at the Electronic Display Conference in Nuremberg, Germany. The conference had more people than the previous edition and celebrated its 30th year, which reflects how important displays have become in our everyday life. The presentation from IDTechEx was on two disruptive technological trends in flat panel displays: quantum dots and flexible OLED.
1 Feb 2016

Printed and flexible electronics in vehicles will reach $5.5bn by 2026

As printed and flexible electronics are beginning to proliferate, with a variety of components and devices coming to market, several end user verticals are expected to benefit from the host of advantages these technologies offer and the automotive sector is no exception. Overall, the market is expected to grow to over $5.5 Billion dollars in the next decade, spearheaded by the projected growth of in-mold electronics and OLED technologies, as discussed in more detail in the newly launched IDTechEx report "Printed and Flexible Electronics in Automotive Applications 2016-2026 - Enabling technology toolkits, suppliers and market forecasts".
27 Jan 2016

Printed and flexible electronics in vehicles: a $5.5bn opportunity

Printed and flexible electronics are beginning to proliferate, with a variety of components and devices coming to market. Several end-user verticals are expected to benefit from the host of advantages these technologies offer and the automotive sector is no exception.
13 Jan 2016

When can we expect printed TVs?

LG made quite an impression during CES this year, announcing new OLED TVs that have delighted most reviewers. With premium features and a smart marketing campaign, LG has managed to position OLED as the best TV money can buy. But when will the technology become more affordable?
14 Dec 2015

Band-aid senses temperature, lights up, and delivers medicine

Engineers have designed what may be the Band-Aid of the future: a sticky, stretchy, gel-like material that can incorporate temperature sensors, LED lights, and other electronics, as well as tiny, drug-delivering reservoirs and channels.
7 Jul 2015

First mirror and transparent OLED display panels

Samsung Display has decided to bring forward the mass production of its industry's first Mirror and Transparent OLED display panels.
2 Jan 2015

Crocus MLU sensors aim to put more 'flex' into flexible displays

New Magnetic Logic Unit™ based solution that can detect the position and shape of flexible two dimensional surfaces.
1 Oct 2014


BOE fabs are all located in mainland China, allowing direct access to the huge Chinese market. Other panel manufacturers are disadvantaged because of import duty (currently 5%). China adjusts the import duty to protect domestic suppliers. - BOE has a new Gen 8.5 metal oxide fab in Hefei - For AMOLED displays, BOE is looking at both mobile and TV displays.
29 Sep 2014

The technology roadmap for flexible displays

In July IDTechEx released its market forecasts for OLED displays, predicting a rapid rise of plastic and flexible displays. Recent announcements from major consumer electronics companies have just confirmed this trend.