How Battery Pricing Could Make or Break Electric Vehicles in Construction

The construction industry is in the early stages of electrification. Many of the leading OEMs now have multiple electric offerings over a range of machine types and the electric construction vehicle market is beginning to take off. Like all industries looking to electrify, the success of these machines is going to be highly dependent on battery pricing.
Diesel construction vehicles have high operational costs, both from the amount of fuel that their large engines consume and the maintenance they require. Battery electric alternatives have a significant opportunity to reduce the operational cost to vehicle owners through improved energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements. However, battery electric vehicles also require large lithium-ion packs to complete a day's work without too much costly downtime. If battery prices are too high, then any potential savings will be overshadowed by increased upfront costs in the machinery. In this webinar, IDTechEx shows its analysis on the battery pack sizing and requirements for electric loaders and reveals the price point that lithium-ion batteries need to reach for mass adoption of electric construction vehicles.
In this webinar IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Dr James Jeffs, will present research from IDTechEx's new "Electric Vehicles in Construction 2023-2043" report, and will discuss:
  • An overview of the construction machine industry
  • Motivations and barriers for electrification and early target vehicle types
  • Case studies of specific battery electric loader examples
  • Analysis of electric machine performance in comparison to diesel alternatives
  • Analysis of loader pricing, potential savings, and the impact of battery pricings