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From the very beginning Google has been about data, our mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful and as it turns out while doing this we've had to learn a lot about dealing and working with data. Leveraging the power of data is at the core of everything we do at Google and Google Cloud Platform brings the tools we've used to get here to everyone.
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20 Sep 2021

AI System Identifies Buildings Damaged by Wildfire

People around the globe have suffered the nerve-wracking anxiety of waiting weeks or months to find out if their homes have been damaged by wildfires that scorch with increased intensity. Now, once the smoke has cleared for aerial photography, researchers have found a way to identify building damage within minutes.
16 Aug 2021


Aurora is a startup working in autonomy. Aurora is based in California and is active in robotaxi testing as well as autonomous heavy logistics trucks.
11 Aug 2021


Blumio are a startup developing radar imaging systems for monitoring arterial pressure. IDTechEx interviewed their Co-Founder and CEO Catherine Liao at Cardio Wearables 2021.
5 Aug 2021

Distal Reality

IDTechEx interviewed Mark Salada, Founder and CTO of Distal Reality. They are developing and launching a new haptics app as part of longer term ambitions in developing a variety of new haptics interfaces.
28 Jul 2021


AutoX is backed by Alibaba and based in Shenzhen, China. They are one of the leaders in the race to providing a robotaxi service and have a presence in both the US and China.
26 Jul 2021


Baidu is a Chinese search engine giant akin to Google. They are heavily involved in the autonomous Robotaxi race and are beginning to bridge the gap from trials to commercial activity in China.
29 Jun 2021


Waymo is a leader in autonomous driving technology and a subsidiary of Google.
17 Jun 2021

Henkel: microTIM and data centers

Dr James Edmondson from IDTechEx interviewed Wayne Eng, Global Head of Market Strategy, Data & Telecom to discuss Henkel's offerings in data centers with a focus on their new microTIM Durable Coating product family.
24 May 2021

AI Powered Dermatology Tool

Artificial intelligence has the potential to help clinicians care for patients and treat disease — from improving the screening process for breast cancer to helping detect tuberculosis more efficiently. When we combine these advances in AI with other technologies, like smartphone cameras, we can unlock new ways for people to stay better informed about their health, too.
18 May 2021

ADM Capital's Cibus Enterprise Fund Invests in Artificial Intelligence

ADM Capital Europe LLP, the London-based private equity advisory firm, is pleased to announce that the Cibus Enterprise Fund has invested into the US based retail technology provider Adroit Worldwide Media Inc.. Technology has reached the point where supermarkets can retrofit their stores with cameras, smart shelves and sensors which provide sufficient data for more efficient shelf stacking, checkout-free shopping, optimising inventory levels and logistics which improve waste reduction. This so-called "frictionless retailing" also enables new formats of stores such as small "hyper-local" stores in a college campus or office building. According to a recent report by Google Cloud, application areas for AI and Machine Learning in physical retail have the potential to drive between USD 280-650bn in value within 3 years.[1] AWM, based in Aliso Viejo, California, provides a suite of products for retailers that includes AWM Frictionless™, a check-out free technology that enables shoppers to walk into a store, remove products off the shelves and leave the store without any need to either scan purchases or go through a checkout line. Digital weight-sensing shelves also enable targeted advertising and dynamic pricing. Commenting, Alastair Cooper, Head of Venture Investing at ADM Capital Europe said: "Physical retailers are coming under renewed pressure that requires digital transformation to compete better with online players. With recent advancements in machine learning and computer vision, the retail sector is set to undergo monumental disruption. We are thrilled to partner with Kevin and his team at AWM who have developed a number of technologies that can be implemented in a wide range of store sizes and formats, from micro-markets to convenience stores and larger-format retailers." Commenting, Kevin Howard, CEO of AWM, said: "Food and fast-moving goods waste has always been top of mind for me. At AWM we set out to build an entire eco-system of technologies that will reinvent retail as we know it today. Our team of leading developers, engineers and data scientists have created solutions that yield higher returns and streamline communication, while reducing waste and helping retailers become more efficient. We are honoured to receive investment and partnership from the ADM Capital advised Cibus Enterprise Fund, a fund in which its core values and mission correlate directly with our own. Their global reach will assist AWM greatly as we take the next step in our journey." ENDS Contacts Clare Anderson, Anderson Communications Consultancy Telephone: +44 (0) 7958 665 883 Alastair Cooper, Senior Investment Director and Head of Venture Investments, Archie Burgess, Senior Associate ADM Capital Europe LLP Telephone: +44 (0) 203 155 1980 Notes to editors About ADM Capital ADM Capital is a Hong Kong and London-based private credit and private equity fund manager and adviser. Founded in 1998, ADM Capital manages or advises USD 2.6bn across a range of funds. With over 45 people operating out of 4 international offices, ADM Capital manages closed-ended and open-ended funds as well as a number of managed accounts. With its long track record and expertise in Asia, ADM Capital focuses on off-market private transactions accessed via its extensive, proprietary network. ADM Capital Europe launched the Cibus Fund in 2017 and the Cibus Enterprise Fund in 2019 (the 'Cibus Funds'). About the Cibus Fund and the Cibus Enterprise Fund The Cibus Fund focusses on mid-market investment opportunities in sustainable food processing and production companies, primarily in North America, Europe and Australasia with a ten percent allocation to early stage high growth agritech investments. The Cibus Enterprise Fund has a global mandate to invest in late-stage venture companies disrupting the agritech sector. Both Funds take advantage of the significant investment opportunities presented by global demographic changes, shifting trade and consumption patterns and the inability of the world's fastest growing economies to meet rapidly increasing regional demand for high-value foods driven by burgeoning middle classes. In addition, the Cibus Funds target companies with strong management teams that are active in one or more stages of high-value food chains and looks for companies that are established category champions with a demonstrable technological advantage. Investments are evaluated on their environmental sustainability as a key determinant of value creation. In October 2018, The Cibus Fund was the first fund to be given 'Guernsey Green Fund' status by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. The Guernsey Financial Services Commission launched the Guernsey Green Fund in July 2018 and it is only awarded to those funds which meet strict eligibility criteria designed to reassure investors that funds are invested in line with appropriate environmental standards. Cibus has been granted this status in recognition of the fact it regards environmental sustainability as a key determinant of value creation. For more information: Legal References and Disclaimer: References herein to "Cibus Enterprise Fund" or "Cibus" are references to the Cibus Enterprise Fund LP managed by Cibus Investments Limited and advised by ADM Capital Europe LLP. References to "ADM Capital Europe" are to ADM Capital Europe LLP and references to "ADM Capital" are to ADM Capital Europe LLP and Asia Debt Management Hong Kong Limited. Those members and employees of ADM Capital Europe LLP who are involved in advising the Cibus Funds are referred to as the "Cibus Team". This release does not constitute an offer to subscribe for and Cibus fund or any fund managed by Cibus Investments Limited including any prospective funds.
30 Apr 2021

Your Kids Won't Learn to Drive, and Here's Why

Learning to drive is a coming-of-age moment many kids (and parents sick of being taxi services) dream about. But all of this could become relegated to the realm of nostalgia due to the massive focus on automation sweeping the personal transport industry.
22 Apr 2021

MakerBot Strengthens 3D Printing in Classrooms with Advanced Resources

The MakerBot Educators Guidebook aims to inspire educators with ideas to enrich their curriculum, enhance student learning, and redefine what 3D printing in education looks like.
19 Apr 2021

Wearable Sensors That Detect Gas Leaks

Gas accidents such as toxic gas leakage in factories, carbon monoxide leakage of boilers, or toxic gas suffocation during manhole cleaning continue to claim lives and cause injuries. Developing a sensor that can quickly detect toxic gases or biochemicals is still an important issue in public health, environmental monitoring, and military sectors.
30 Mar 2021

Reversing the Move to Cities

While technologies are emerging for cities to be independent in food, water and energy, safe and pleasant, progress is mostly poor and global warming threatens migrants overwhelming cities. By all means, let us see the smart city advances take place that are in the IDTechEx report, "Smart Cities Market 2021-2041: Energy, Food, Water, Materials, Transportation Forecasts", but it would be prudent to try to reverse the move to cities that the UN and others see resulting in 70-80% of us in them by 2050.
11 Mar 2021

Contactless Monitoring of Heart Rhythm Using Smart Speakers

Smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, have proven adept at monitoring certain health care issues at home. For example, researchers have shown that these devices can detect cardiac arrests or monitor babies breathing.
11 Mar 2021


Wisk are electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developer, headquartered in Mountain View, California, who are conducting flight trials in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. Their Cora aircraft is being developed as an autonomous air taxi.
19 Feb 2021

Ford Europe Goes All-In on Electric Vehicles

Ford has committed that by mid-2026, 100 percent of Ford's passenger vehicle range in Europe will be zero-emissions capable, all-electric or plug-in hybrid, and will be completely all-electric by 2030.
9 Feb 2021

Solar Vehicles 2021-2041 2nd Edition

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Matthew Dyson
2 Feb 2021

Alphabet Again Exits Drones: Others Again Jump In

In 2017, after four years of setbacks and crashes, Alphabet shut its project flying solar-powered fixed-wing drones in the upper atmosphere to beam the internet to those cut-off. They have now ended their upper-atmosphere balloon version as well.
19 Jan 2021

6G Communications Market, Devices, Materials 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr James Edmondson