Nanotech Energy Inc

Nanotech Energy Inc

Nanotech Energy is an energy storage and nanotechnology company that produces single layer Reduced Graphene Oxide with the highest available specific surface area of over 2000 m2/g and conductivity of over 3600 S/m. Our graphene products include powders, dispersions, pastes, along with inkjet inks and screen printing inks. Nanotech Energy also produces high aspect ratio Silver Nanowires in bulk powder, in water and organic dispersions, inks and conductive adhesives. Nanotech Energy has developed high density graphene Lithium-ion batteries and is developing high power and energy density graphene supercapacitors.
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Nanotech Energy Inc
15 Dec 2020

Nanotech Energy

Nanotech Energy produce graphene-based energy storage devices. IDTechEx spoke with Scott Jacobsen (Director of Business Development).
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