Smart Packaging USA 2003

Conferences - Smart Packaging USA 2003

28 - 29 January 2003

Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th January, 2003 Pre-Conference Briefing Session, Monday 27th January, 2003 (1pm - 5.30pm) Crowne Plaza Hotel, Miami, Florida, USA Confirmed speakers from: Mars, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, IDTechEx, 3M, Arla Foods, KSW Microtec, Plastic Logic, Power Paper, Pira International, Tyco Safety Products, Texas Instruments, Acreo, Faraday Packaging Partnership, Michigan State University, Cox Technologies, Information Mediary, Flying Null, MyGROCER, Auto-ID Center, Innovate 21, Biotechnology, and Toxin Alert.
Packaging - On The Verge Of Radical Change This unique conference programme comes at a crucial time when key players are now working together to make intelligent packaging a commercially viable, cost-effective catalyst for change. Intelligent packaging has the power to decimate supply chain costs, save lives, permit premium pricing and increase sales through fewer stock-outs and new consumer propositions. What Is Intelligent & Smart Packaging? Smart packaging can be defined as a pack which incorporates a disposable device which interacts with the consumer or its environment. There are a vast number of technologies and applications within this remit, but this conference programme focuses on the most important and significant ones likely to radically change brand management and the supply chain during the next ten years. These include: * Polymer or Paper Based Laminar Electronics * Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) * Smart Inks and Diagnostics Significant packaging applications include: * Fun and information features such as sound and image interactivity to enhance brand packaging * Supply chain tagging for tracking, tracing and control * Time-temperature and toxin indicators for demonstrating freshness, doneness, product integrity, quality and safety etc. including the new electronic versions * Consumer interactivity and error prevention - dosage devices, refrigerator reordering, auto cooking in the microwave, disposable timers on dye etc. * New automated security and anti-counterfeiting devices, often controlling product diversion, quality etc.
Day One: Tuesday 28th January 2003 09:00 Opening Address From The Chair: "The Smart Packaging Revolution" Dr. Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK How smart packaging saves lives, prevents illnesses, catches criminals, increases sales, reduces costs, refreshes merchandising and enhances brands. 09:15 "Enhancing Major Consumer Brands Through Intelligent Packaging Features" Sean Warren & Joost Vermuë, Packaging Technology Research, Masterfoods Europe (MARS), THE NETHERLANDS * increasing consumer food and beverage safety and security * tracking and tracing possibilities via intelligent packaging solutions for communicating product integrity * consumer acceptance and brand proposition interactivity, customisation and fun features 09:45 "Vision Of The Future for RFID In The Beverage Industry " Dr. Michael O. Okoroafor, Technology Director - Fizzion, The Coca-Cola Company, USA * current barriers * potential applications in the value chain * the role of strategic partnerships 10:15 "Intelligent & Smart Packaging In 2003...And Beyond" Kevin Ashton, Executive Director, Auto-ID Center, Massachusetts, USA * why 2003 is such a big year for smart packaging? * what's happening now? * what you can expect next? * what you can do about it? The Auto-ID Center is backed by over 50 of the world's major companies including Philip Morris, Wal-Mart, Gillette, Unilever and The US Postal Service 10:45 Morning Refreshments INTELLIGENT PACKAGING IN THE RETAIL ENVIRONMENT 11.05 "Smart Packaging Technologies For Food Perishables: Overview And Comparison" Dr. James L. Cox, CEO, Cox Technologies, USA * package borne sensors to monitor high value perishable goods * temperature sensing * gas phase sensing * liquid and solute sensing * identifying value added cost effectiveness 11.35 "Plastic Electronics - The Next Generation" Stuart Evans, CEO, Plastic Logic Limited, UK * new polymer (plastic) materials and printing * technologies open the door to low cost electronics * a new paradigm well matched to the requirements of electronic labels and packaging * presentation provides a global update, as science is being transformed into products. 12.05 "Smart Shelving" Philip Gwinnell, CEO, Innovate 21, UK * what is a smart shelf * functions of the smart shelf - automatic restocking in retail and warehouse * antitheft in various forms * electronic shelf edge displays * consumer detection and monitoring * integration with legacy retail systems 12.35 "The European Commission MyGROCER Project" Leda Koukara, R&D Exploitation Manager, MyGROCER Project, Pouliadis, GREECE * transforming the supply chain * automating the supermarket and offering new services * involvement of Greece, Belgium and Finland * backing of Procter & Gamble and others 13.05 Lunch Will Be Served For Speakers And Delegates USE OF DIAGNOSTICS IN SMART PACKAGING 14.15 "Technology Review: Diagnostic Indicators For Food Packaging" Dr. Maria Smolander, Senior Research Scientist, VTT Biotechnology, FINLAND * technology review of time-temperature indicators, gas indicators and freshness indicators * case studies of commercial and pre-commercial systems: effectiveness and indication capacity 14.45 "Diagnostic Packaging For Food Safety" Gordon Furzer, Vice President, Operations, Toxin Alert, Inc., CANADA * food poisoning - the size of the problem worldwide * the need for food safety packaging * the toxin alert approach to assessment of food safety * the mechanics behind toxin guard * practical experience and case studies 15.15 Afternoon Refreshments SMART PACKAGING FOR PHARMACEUTICALS 15. 35 "Auto ID and Intelligent Packaging: An Overview of Practical Application" Pat Rizotto, VP, Global Customer Initiative, Johnson & Johnson, USA * what is Auto ID? * how does Auto ID relate to smart packaging? * what are the practical applications for Auto ID? * what does a real time line look like? 16. 05 "Electronic Content Monitoring For Blister Packaged Medication And More" Dr. Allan Wilson, President, Information Mediary Corporation, CANADA * analysing technology, demographics, pharmaceuticals and logistical trends * integrated medication monitoring sensors * electronic goods tracking 16.35 "Dumb Tags: The Smart Choice?" Rob Karsten, Sales and Marketing Director, Flying Null, UK * dumb tag/smart reader vs smart tag/dumb reader * the intelligent blister pack * the world's thinnest chipless tag 18.30 Drinks Reception at the hotel followed by departure by coach to Miami's famous "Mango's Tropical Café" for the Meet the Experts Dinner Day Two: Wednesday 29th January 2003 08.30 Opening Remarks From The Chair: "Consumer Benefits of Intelligent Packaging" Ann Stirling Roberts, Director of Packaging, PIRA International, UK CONSUMER BENEFITS OF INTELLIGENT PACKAGING 08.40 "In Search of the "Silver Bullet" of Brand Protection" Gerry Meyer, Associate Director - Corporate Research & Development - Prototyping & Packaging Development, PROCTER & GAMBLE, USA * defining the "Silver Bullet" * how do today's technology solutions measure up? * roles of ePC and Smart Packaging 09.10 "Consumer Acceptance Studies Of Intelligent & Active Packaging" Greg Wood, Business Manager - Packaging, PIRA International, UK * what are the attitudes of consumers to intelligent and active packaging? * results of major European study: regional differences in attitude * would consumers be willing to pay more for packs with these devices? 09.40 "Value Added Dairy Products Through Intelligent And Smart Packaging" Henrik Skou Pedersen, Packaging Manager - Packaging Team, ARLA Foods Innovation, DENMARK * future consumer demands * how to respond to these demands with intelligent and smart packaging applications * future packaging concepts in the dairy area, how may they look? (talking milk carton etc) 10.10 Morning Refreshments RFID TAGGING AND ELECTRONIC SENSORS 10.30 "VarioSense Family Of Sensors/RFID Packaging" Eitan Avni, Director of Business Development, KSW Microtec, GERMANY * electronic sensors and RFID, present and future technology drivers * technology drivers and markets * T * empSense product and commercial experience future of sensor based smart packaging 11.00 "Practical Issues For Implementing RFID In Supply Chains" Dr. Robb Clarke, Assistant Professor - School of Packaging, Michigan State University, USA * equipment - tags, readers and computers * personnel and site location issues * frequency and cost issues * tag reading and/or writing issues * data collection and analysis issues 11.30 "Multiple Paybacks From RFID In Retailing" Paul Mathans, Marketing Manager, TYCO Safety Products, USA * supply chain: how RFID improves sales and profitability through quality control, content verification, tracking, reconciliation of records and reduced labour costs * retail store: how RFID provides scan-based trading, inventory visibility, sales leverage, quality control and acts as a barrier to counterfeits and false returns * projected paybacks from work with leading retailers including Gap, Inc., J. Crew and Movie Gallery 12.00 "Smart Packaging Enabling Smart Product Tracking From Production To POS" Bill Allen, eMarketing Manager, Texas Instruments RFID Systems, USA * utilizing RFID technology for smart packaging, enabling an even smarter supply chain * the components of the technology and how it works * how companies such as Gap, Inc., Goldwin Sportswear,, and Marks & Spencer are using RFID to accurately track items from production to point-of-sale * what to expect in the future for the use of RFID technology in packaging and tracking 12.30 "Real Time Tracking and Visibility of Assets Using RFID" Dr. Judith Benham, Business Director, and Dr. John Grant, Business Development Manager, 3M, USA * RFID technology background * * asset tracking, visibility of supply chain in bound and out bound asset tracking * warehouse management systems * case studies for improved productivity * systems integration and service support 12.30 Lunch Will Be Served For Speakers And Delegates FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS 14.10 "Forecast Review Paper: What Does The Future Hold For Smart Packaging?" Dr. Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK * what's coming next in terms of technologies and materials? * who are the key players to watch? * who will adopt the technologies first? 14.40 "Thin and Flexible Power Technologies in Packaging" Reuben Fuchs, Power ID Business Line Manager, and Lori Levett, Power Novelties Business Line Manager, Power Paper, ISRAEL * smart active labels (SAL) for logistics applications * SAL in tough RF environments * SAL as a common platform for monitor of environment-sensitive goods * Power Paper for functional packaging 15.10 "Paper Electronics - Low Cost Applications For Intelligent Packaging" Per Dannetun, Department Manager - Interconnect & Packaging, ACREO, SWEDEN * adding value to paper products through active electronic functions and active displays * utilizing polymers as the active material in electronic applications * the technology revolution - packaging applications: e-ID, tampering, versionizing, interactivity, point of purchase * display with updateable images etc. * PAELLA (PAper ELectronics Low cost Applications) project findings The PAELLA project is financed by Agfa-Gevaert, Itab, M-Real, SCA, Stora Enso, Tetra Pak, and Vinnova. 15.40 "Intelligent Packaging In 2010" Dr. Walter Lewis, Managing Director, Faraday Packaging Partnership, UK * consumer power - the market opportunity * disruptive technologies - the technology push * the blue skies stuff * packaging 2010 - an unprecedented opportunity or "pie in the sky"? Optional Pre-Conference Briefing: Monday 27th January 2003 An Introduction To Technologies & Applications Of Intelligent Packaging Intelligent and smart packaging covers a huge spectrum of radically fast developing technologies and applications. Our optional pre-conference briefing is the ideal way to quickly get up to speed with the major markets, the key players and the most important technologies which are likely to shape retail packaging and consumer products in the future. Independent subject experts from IDTechEx will lead the workshop and ensure participants gain a thorough introduction to the technologies and applications of Intelligent Packaging in an interactive and participative session. This half-day participative briefing session provides a unique opportunity to see demonstrations and handle samples. You can bring your questions and concerns to session leaders and fill in the gaps in your knowledge prior to the main two-day conference programme. You will take away a personal copy of the tutorial slides. So if you need to know your magic inks from your electronic polymers and your tags from your sensors, this comprehensive one-stop briefing session is a must. * What is Intelligent Packaging? * Responsive devices and electronic features * Review of main current market applications and technologies: * RFID * inks and laminates * disposable laminar electronics - * timers, speaking chips, moving * colour displays etc. * benefits and shortcomings * anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting and tamper evidence/tamper radio alarm * supply chain tracking, tagging, data storage * safety and security * merchandising, branding and * entertainment * market usage and pricing issues. Exhibitors Why Attend? Intelligent Packaging will totally transform the retail environment and the products we purchase as consumers in the future. However, there are many barriers to full scale implementation of intelligent technologies - namely high costs, tentative consumer acceptance, getting supply chain partners to work together harmoniously, as well as some complex legislative and standards issues. This conference brings together a unique forum of experts in intelligent packaging to address these crucial issues, debate future opportunities and provide practical knowledge on applications currently in use. Hear case studies from practitioners already working to implement intelligent packaging applications in their companies, as well as research-based review papers summarizing new technologies and directional forecasts from leading academics as to the future of intelligent and smart packaging. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to implement a strategy within your own organisation for making your packaging and your part in the retail supply chain more intelligent and transforming your approach to brand management and merchandising. Who Should Attend? This conference has been extensively researched with and subsequently tailored towards: * Brand owners and Consumer Goods Companies - especially within dairy, snack, confectionery, convenience food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets * Retailers and Supply Chain Partners * Suppliers and Manufacturers of Intelligent & Smart * Packaging as well as related technologies * Academics and Research Institutes Those responsible for selecting, marketing and specifying packaging as well as driving forward supply chain and consumer innovation for consumer goods should not miss this unique programme. It is especially relevant to Packaging Development Managers, Directors of Research & Development, Product, Marketing and Brand Managers as well as Technical Directors. "Meet the Experts Dinner" We recognise that networking with fellow experts and industry colleagues is an important way for you as a delegate to find out more about what your competitors, your customers and your suppliers are working on. All delegates are invited to join us for the "Meet The Experts Dinner" with the speakers at the end of the first conference day. The Organisers have arranged for you to visit the famous Art Deco South Beach area for a totally 'Miami' evening! With pre-dinner drinks served at the Crowne Plaza (6.30/7.30 pm) you will be taken by bus to Mango's Tropical Café. Located on Ocean Drive, Mango's is the epitomy of Miami - the ocean, the magnificent Art Deco buildings and exciting dining! A bus will return you to the hotel, or you may want to party on.....or just 'people watch', an experience not to be missed. This is the ideal opportunity to be casual, network with your fellow delegates and speakers - and have a good time!