A R2R printable electronics platform (Printed Electronics Europe 2007)

Mr Göran Gustafsson, Manager, Printed Electronics Applications
Acreo AB, Sweden


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Presentation Summary

  • Electrochemical-based components - robust and manufacturable electronics
  • Integration towards smart labels
  • R2R manufacturing

Speaker Biography (Goran Gustafsson)

Göran Gustafsson got his PhD in Applied Physics at Linköping University. After that he spent two years working with Prof. Alan J Heeger in his start-up company Uniax which now is part of DuPont Displays. His research focus was OLEDs and he demonstrated the first "all plastic" LED (Nature 1992). 1993 he returned to Linköping University where he participated in starting up OLED research. In 1994 he got the position as group manager at Industrial Microelectronics Center and was among other things responsible for setting up production of multi-chip module substrates. 1998 he participated in starting Thin Film Electronics AB (TFE) which develops polymer memories. At TFE he served as the R&D manager. Since June 2005 he is CTO of Printed Electronics at Acreo AB.

Company Profile (Acreo Swedish ICT AB)

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Acreo- Swedish ICT AB is a leading independent non-profit research institute, working in the areas of Nanoelectronics, Printed Electronics, Fiber Optics and Sensor Technology. Within Printed Electronics, Acreo is primarily focusing on packaging, Internet of Things and Health care (e.g. integrated biosensors). Acreo's competence spans from novel materials to integrated systems and manufacturing.
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