Advanced Polymer Composites By Electric Field Induced Particle Alignment (Printed Electronics Europe 2016)

Dr Henrik Hemmen, CTO
CondAlign AS


Europe 2016 Presentation - CondAlign AS*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - CondAlign AS*

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Presentation Summary

CondAlign develops a technology wherein electric fields are used to structure and align particles in polymer matrices. The particles are fixated when the matrix is cured, enabling the production of advanced composites with a wide variety of end-product features. The aligned structures allow CondAlign to control properties such as conductivity, where the technology opens for production of conductive composites at filling fractions well below the percolation threshold. This has both cost and quality advantages compared to conventional solutions. At Printed Electronics Europe 2016, Condalign will present the latest advances of its technology, its R2R fabrication tool and a few applications currently under development.

Speaker Biography (Henrik Hemmen)

Henrik Hemmen is the CTO of CondAlign. He received his PhD in physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. During his research, Henrik worked on nanoparticles self organization, transport through porous media, basic physical properties of clays, as well as capture and sequestration of CO2. Since 2012, Henrik has been leading the technology development in CondAlign, with a strong focus on bringing the technology from the research lab to the market.

Company Profile (CondAlign AS)

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CondAlign develops anisotropic film materials based on our patented technology. We create next generation advanced films, like anisotropic conductive pressure sensitive adhesives and other conductive films. These add new freedom to the designers' building techniques when they create new products within hybrid, flexible and printed electronics systems. The technology makes use of electric fields to structure particles in a polymer matrix. The process is well suited for roll-2-roll production.
CondAlign was established in 2010 as a spin off from a Norwegian research center, has eight full time employees, offices, lab-space and R2R pilot production capabilities in Oslo, Norway.
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