Advancing Resolution Capabilities of Screen Printed Ag Circuitry in Large Format Production (Printed Electronics USA 2015)

Mr Marty Medvetz, Alpha Product Specialist
Chromaline Screen Print Products
United States


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USA 2015 Audio Presentation - Chromaline Screen Print Products*

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Presentation Summary

What began as a simple product demonstration had evolved into a year-long collaborative effort to print fine-pitch conductive traces. With product and process developments along the way, the combined efforts of Chromaline, Engineered Material Systems and GM Nameplate pushed the limits of screen printing silver paste. The result: successful printing of 30-micron traces and spaces on PET.

Speaker Biography (Marty Medvetz)

Marty Medvetz is Alpha Product Specialist at Chromaline. His 17-year screen printing experience includes emulsion formulation, product line development and technical field support

Company Profile (Chromaline Screen Print Products)

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Chromaline Screen Print Products is the world leading manufacturer of stencil products specifically engineered for today's high-tolerance industrial printing applications. Alpha E-20 Micro-Line Dual Cure Emulsion allows electronics and other high-tech printers to produce lines down to 20-microns, which translates to smaller circuitry, an attractive feature in the area of consumer and industrial electronics.
Conducting business in over 100 countries, Chromaline has been servicing industrial printers for over a quarter century, challenging the fundamentals of screen making, improving printing processes and altering what is possible in industrial printing.
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