Boehmite - A Better Alternative For LiB Separator Coating To Prevent The Thermal Runaway (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017)

Dr Yuejiang Liang, Head of Department R&D/Technical Service Coatings & Electronics
Nabaltec AG


Europe 2017 Presentation - Nabaltec AG*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Nabaltec AG*

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Presentation Summary

Common cause of a thermal runaway is the failure of LiB separator. A ceramic material coating can prevent such failure. Alumina is used in the first generation of separator coating. Boehmite has advantages in terms of hardness, ability to adjust the morphology in addition to the cost advantage.

Speaker Biography (Yuejiang Liang)

Yuejiang Liang is working as Head of Department R&D/Technical Service Coatings & Electronics. He studied business chemistry at the University of Kiel, Germany. Subsequently he did his PhD in Nanodiamond Technology at the University of Würzburg. He joined Nabaltec in 2011 and since then holding different positions with responsibilities in R&D, technical service, marketing and sales.

Company Profile (Nabaltec AG)

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Nabaltec AG, with registered office in Schwandorf, a chemicals business which has received multiple awards for innovativeness, manufactures, develops and distributes highly specialized products based on aluminium hydroxide ("ATH") and aluminium oxide, as well as other raw materials, on an industrial scale.
The company´s product range includes halogen-free flame retardant fillers and eco-friendly additives for the plastics industry.
Nabaltec also produces base materials for use in technical ceramics, the refractory industry and catalysis.
Nabaltec maintains production sites in Germany and the US and plans to continue to consolidate its market position by expanding capacity.
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