Boosting Battery Energy Density With Pure Silicon Anodes (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017)

Mr Christian Rood, Founder
Leyden-Jar Technologies


Europe 2017 Presentation - Leyden-Jar Technologies*

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Presentation Summary

LeydenJar Technologies BV is a spin out venture from energy research center ECN in the Netherlands, offering pure silicon anodes that increase the energy density of li-ion battery cells up to 50%. The technology is a cross over from thin film PV R&D, in which nanostructured silicon pillars are deposited directly on the copper foil to create a pure silicon anode that both cycles at the maximum theoretical capacity of 3.500 mah/g, and remains stable due to the porous nature of the structure. The porosity is key in absorbing the swelling of the silicon material in lithiation. LeydenJar Technologies' founder Christian Rood will address in the presentation at the IDTechEx Show what the recently tested performance is of the anode in full cell pouch cells, as determined by battery research institute ZSW, why the production of pure silicon anodes will be competitive with the coating approach, and what the impact is of the improved Li-ion battery cell performance on consumer electronics, wearables, EV, and stationary energy storage. Furthermore Christian Rood will share the story and position of LeydenJar Technologies as a venture in the context of the global battery technology market.

Speaker Biography (Christian Rood)

Christian Rood (45), co-founder, CEO of LeydenJar Technologies BV. LeydenJar Technologies is a spin out venture from energy research institute TNO in the Netherlands, developing a pure silicon anode technology that will boost the energy density of Li-ion battery cells with up to 50%. Dutch. Entrepreneur and sweat investor in a number of technology ventures; Advisor roles in venture funding, spin off, and license deals. Industry expertise in clean tech and healthcare. Background as investment manager, investment banker and strategy consultant. Started venture development boutique "Road to Value" in 2009. Clients include entrepreneurs, investors, technology institutes, and large corporates. MBA

Company Profile (LeydenJar Technologies)

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LeydenJar Technologies BV is a spin out venture from Dutch applied research center TNO, LeydenJar is developing pure silicon anodes for use in Li-ion battery cells, improving the energy density up to 1.200 Wh/l and 450 Wh/kg. The pure silicon anodes are based on a proprietary PECVD method to create porous silicon layers directly on top of the copper substrate. The production process is developed to reach cost parity with coating based production, while allowing for 100% silicon content. In 2019 LeydenJar will establish its base plant at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to demonstrate semi commercial production and to produce silicon anode rolls for testing and first commercial products.
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