Decoupling Battery Runtime Concerns With High Energy Density Supercapacitors (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017)

Mr Gene Armstrong, Director of Applications
Paper Battery Company
United States


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Presentation Summary

With the advent of thin high energy density super capacitors, new value based increased power and energy density are now available to designers who are frustrated with short battery life and transportation safety in mobile devices. This presentation will cover fast charging, high energy density supercaps that may replace batteries in some applications where a full charge in minutes allows for functional use for hours; increasing the operational capability of small lithium batteries by increasing the power density in battery/capacitor combinations; and Supercapacitors enabling hot swap for small lithium batteries applications. These innovative approaches to reducing battery runtime anxiety in smaller, high pulse power mobile devices are driven by breakthroughs in super capacitor technology which are commercially available today.

Speaker Biography (Gene Armstrong)

Gene Armstrong has over 30 years of experience in executive management, product development and product design of Battery Management products at some of the world's leading semiconductor companies including MAXIM, TI, and Benchmarq Microelectronics. His product development work resulted in EDN Product of the Year, ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS Product of the Year and AnalogZone Product of the Year award winning mixed-signal devices in the field of battery management. He received his BSEE/Cum Laude and MSEE from the University of California at Irvine.

Company Profile (PBC Tech)

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PBC Tech, formerly Paper Battery Company is making ultrathin ultracapacitors for portable electronic applications with expansion to wireless sensors and industrial applications in medical, military and automotive markets. These devices extend battery life and runtime for existing lithium batteries, making this an environmentally friendly energy storage solution that can complement and improve existing batteries without adding volume and in some cases, replace batteries, reducing landfill accumulation of toxic materials.
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