Development of R2R Cylindrical Bed Screen Printing System with Damped Motorizing Accumulator and Virtual Key-Key Align Control Algorithm (Printed Electronics USA 2015)

Mr Dong-Kwon Choi, Engineer
SungAn Machinery Co Ltd


USA 2015 Presentation - SungAn Machinery Co Ltd*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - SungAn Machinery Co Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

The developed R2R based cylindrical bed screen printing system is introduced. Using the
stop and repeat sequence control system with motorized accumulators based on linear stages and
impression roll, the printing and scrapping motion sequence is done while the flexible substrate is
continuously un-winded and re-winded. To minimize the printed pattern position error due to a screen
deformation with relative high clearance between screen and substrate arisen in general sheet based
flat screen printing, clearance-less printing system with complicate cylinder and linear motion
sequence is developed and fabricated. In addition, for the multi-layer printing process, virtual key-key
align control algorithm and motion system are developed and fabricated with vision cameras and
UVW linear stage units. The performance of developed R2R flat screen printing system is investigated
with measuring the width of printed line, position error deviation and multi-layer align deviation with
silver inks. In final the digitizer for the touch sensor and NFC tags are manufactured by the developed
printing machine.

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