Direct Metal 3D Printing With Submicron Resolution Using FluidFM® (3D Printing Europe 2017)

Mr Edgar Hepp, 3D Business Development Manager
Cytosurge AG


Europe 2017 Presentation - Cytosurge AG*

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Presentation Summary

Direct 3D printing of metals with submicron resolution is a promising additive manufacturing technique in a wide range of sectors. Here we present the FluidFM μ3Dprinter, which is the world's first 3D printer capable of delivering such resolution in direct metal printing, while offering scalability and good prospects in both production cost and speed.
The μ3Dprinter allows printing of various metals, e.g., copper, silver, gold, in one single process step. The printing head is a nanopipette with an aperture of around 500 nanometers up to a few micrometers, based on the renowned FluidFM technology. The head is precisely steered in three-dimensional space to create any 3D-printable design. Including designs that features overhangs (more than 90 degrees is possible). The head administers an aqueous solution containing metal ions that rapidly grow into solid metal voxels. The growth is based on an electrochemical process. The head is force sensitive due to its cantilevered design. This force sensitivity allows in situ process control.
Microscale direct metal 3D printing - at an attractive price point - opens a world of opportunities for sensor applications, printed electronics, wearables and in custom manufacturing. In situ printing process control enables to print objects in high quality without optical analysis.

Speaker Biography (Edgar Hepp)

Edgar Hepp is the responsible Business Development Manager for micro 3D printing at Cytosurge. He is a mechanical engineer with experience in the semiconductor field and has a Master's degree in Business and Engineering from the Steinbeis University in Berlin. In his career, he held various positions such as Product Manager, Team Leader and Business Development Manager in organizations with global footprint. The tremendous commercial potential and the entrepreneurial challenges of the micro 3D metal printing technology have inspired him from the very beginning. During the show, Edgar Hepp will be available for personal meetings. For an appointment kindly send an email to

Company Profile (Cytosurge AG)

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Cytosurge is a young and high-tech ETH Zurich spin-off. The invention of the FluidFM technology led to the formation of Cytosurge in Zurich. A group of experts developed and commercialized the FluidFM technology. The FluidFM technology enables an immense range of applications in life sciences, biology, and physics. Cytosurge strives to provide the tools for new possibilities and applications at the forefront of nanotechnology, particularly in medicine, life sciences and material science.
The FluidFM µ3Dprinter is a brand new development that builds on the FluidFM core technology, but ventures into a completely different application space, namely that of printing metals on a micrometer scale.
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