Energy Positive Drones: Airborne Wind Energy - Electricity Generation Aboard Ships and Direct Ship Propulsion (Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017)

Mr Thomas Hårklau, CEO
Kitemill AS


Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017 Presentation - Kitemill AS*

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Presentation Summary

Airborne Wind Energy are close to commercialization. Technology directions for energy production tends to be narrowed down toward one mainstream solution. The market potential becomes clearer; the technology can be one of our best opportunities to change the global energy mix in a longer perspective. Meanwhile, the technology is disruptive in several ways, not only for energy production. Sea propulsion and on board energy production is potential applications. This talk will suggest how, and why, these applications could be exploited on the path to a game changing renewable technology.

Speaker Biography (Thomas Hårklau)

Thomas Hårklau, co-founder and the CEO of Kitemill AS. Serves as a member of the board in Voss Energi, a Norwegian utility company.
Founder of Norway's first vertical wind tunnel opened 2012. Bachelor degree as electrical engineer from Bergen University College.

Company Profile (Kitemill AS)

Kitemill AS logo
Kitemill is one of the leading airborne wind energy companies developing product to harvest wind from altitudes above conventional wind turbines limitation. Kitemill has a lean organization and strong industrial partners. The concept being developed is a kite turbine based on a rigid kite pulling a single tether of a regenerative ground based winch. It operates autonomously in production, start and landing. A commercial version is under development. Kitemill have since 2009 worked on regulation and permission and have today the first permanent approval by the Civil Aviation Authorities to operate commercial kite turbines 24/7 up to 3000 feet height.
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