Enhanced Materials from Conductive Alignment Technology (Printed Electronics USA 2012)

Dr Mark Buchanan, CEO

Presentation Summary

+ Introduction to CondAlign technology
+ Market opportunities
+ Applications for CondAlign technology and materials

Speaker Biography (Mark Buchanan)

Dr Mark Buchanan is CEO and founder of CondAlign. He has a PhD in Physics from The University of Edinburgh and a broad range of experience in business and technology development. Previously, Dr. Buchanan has been R&D Director for a solar energy company initiating and leading R&D projects, IPR strategy and business development support.

Company Profile (CondAlign AS)

CondAlign AS logo
CondAlign is an innovative company developing and licensing a novel technology for the production of advanced conductive films. CondAlign is currently in the process of expanding its development activities and production of its advanced conductive materials. CondAlign was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the Institute for Energy Technology in Norway.
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