Extreme Fast Charging Of Battery Electric Vehicles At 1,000kW, With The Goal Of A 300+ Mile Range In 5 Minutes (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2018)

Dr Hugh Sutherland, Head of Technology
ZapGo Ltd
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

Gasoline and diesel vehicles can be refuelled in 5 minutes, and then travel 300 miles or more. ZapGo has developed new energy storage technology capable of delivering the same driver experience in a battery electric vehicle, but without the need to upgrade the national grid infrastructure.

Speaker Biography (Hugh Sutherland)

Hugh is a highly experienced technical leader and scientist with a track record of delivering complex development programmes. His broad expertise includes fundamental research into low-carbon energy devices, polymer synthesis and product development using these technologies. Immediately prior to joining Zap&Go, he was working on technology, market and business strategies to facilitate the spin-out of low-carbon energy businesses from leading UK research institutions. Since then (2016), Hugh has augmented research and development capabilities allowing his team to accelerate toward Zap&Go's ambitious technology targets. In addition to his doctorate in Polymer Chemistry, he holds an MBA from Henley Business School (UK).

Company Profile (ZapGo)

ZapGo logo
ZapGo Ltd (ZapGo) is a high technology business founded in Oxford, UK, in 2013
We have developed a solution to the problems encountered by all the current generation of appliances, devices and vehicles powered by lithium: slow charging. Called Carbon-Ion, in contrast to Lithium-ion, this technology is based on carbon nano-materials including the 'wonder-material' graphene..
The technology and a growing patent portfolio is in part derived from Oxford University, and in part developed independently by Zap&Go's own scientists. Our power module is due to enter the production phase in 2018.
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