How BLE 4.2 Enables a Practical IoT (Internet of Things Applications USA 2015)

Mr Mark Jakusovszky, US Sales & Marketing Manager
EM Microelectronic
United States


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Speaker Biography (Mark Jakusovszky)

Mark Jakusovszky has invested over a quarter century defining, developing and marketing advanced mixed-signal and low power wireless semiconductor solutions for companies like EM, Atmel, National Semi, MicroLinear and Aeroflex. In his current role at EM Micro, he is enabling and evangelizing ultra-low power and energy harvested wireless sensor solutions through EM's Bluetooth Low Energy, 2.4GHz digital wireless, NFC and RFID products. Mark holds an MSEE from Santa Clara University and a BSEE from Rensselaer.

Company Profile (EM Microelectronic US Inc)

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EM Microelectronic designs and produces ultra-low-power, low-voltage, digital, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for battery-operated and field-powered devices in wearable, consumer, automotive and industrial applications. The company's ultra-low power product portfolio includes EMBC01 & EMBC02 Bluetooth Smart Beacons modules and BLE controller ICs, the SENtral® sensor fusion co-processor, plastic LCDs, display drivers and capacitive touch controllers, NFC & RFID tag and reader ICs, 2.4GHz CoolRF™ digital wireless transceivers, long range 2.4GHz transceivers, embedded flash microcontrollers, power management ICs, smartcard ICs, timing circuits, sensor interface and optoelectronic ICs, and customer specific integrated circuits. For more information about the company and its products, visit .
EM is YOUR source for creating a new world of untethered, energy-harvested or battery-powered, wireless sensor networks
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