Maximizing ROI with Enhanced Ultracapacitor Module Designs (Supercapacitors USA 2014)

Dr Kim McGrath, Director Business Development
VISEDO Oy / Maxwell
United States
Mr Lars Stegmann, Managing Director


Santa Clara 2014 Audio Presentation - VISEDO Oy / Maxwell*
Santa Clara 2014 Video Presentation - VISEDO Oy / Maxwell*

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Company Profile (VISEDO Oy)

VISEDO Oy develops and manufactures electric drive train components in power range from 30-850 kW for any Mobile Work Machine, Marine Vessel and Bus & Truck applications. The drive trains are suitable for both hybrid electric (HEV) and electric vehicle (EV) solutions.
Our products are designed for harsh operating environment and heavy duty requirements. Using the latest technology based on our own patents to offer the optimal solutions for a quick ROI. All products and systems are developed on markets requirements.
VISEDO PowerCAP (Energy Storage)- provide a totally controlled Plug & Play (PnP) solution for your DC-Link.
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