Medical Biosensors Are Moving To The Point-of-Care (Wearable USA 2017)

Dr Laura Baers, Technology Analyst
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

Medical biosensors are used to diagnose a wealth of diseases and health conditions, including cardiovascular issues, infectious diseases and cancer. Increasingly, biosensors are also being used to achieve targeted therapies in precision medicine and increase the efficacy of drugs through pharmacogenomics. There is a growing trend for these medical biosensors to be closer to the patient at the point-of-care, enabled by several advances in technologies including device miniaturization and rapid nucleic acid amplification techniques. This presentation will give an overview of the important trends in the field of medical biosensors, and the new technologies and devices which are likely to be highly disruptive to the in vitro diagnostics market.

Speaker Biography (Laura Baers)

Laura Baers obtained a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge. Laura's PhD research focused on biotechnology and synthetic biology approaches to engineer photosynthetic organisms with beneficial traits. Outcomes for this work have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, and presented at conferences globally.
Prior to her PhD, Laura conducted research into photosynthesis and heavy metal toxicity in plants at Imperial College London and the University of Southampton, where she gained a first class degree in Biology.

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