Novel Testing Method For Accelerated Material And Process Development And Optimization (3D Printing USA 2017)

Dr Prabir Chaudhury, Technical Director, Metals Technology
United States


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Presentation Summary

Limited knowledge of microstructure-property relations in Metal Additive Manufacturing makes product development cycle time very long and expensive. This presentation will show how material and process development and optimization can be accelerated via an economical, efficient, and effective mechanical testing method. This presentation will discuss suitability of the proposed ring test for anisotropic and unique meso-scale structural characteristics in metal 3D Printing.

Speaker Biography (Prabir Chaudhury)

Dr. Prabir Chaudhury is one of the Technical Directors at Exova focused on global Metals Technology discipline. He provides leadership in metals technology covering materials testing for product, material, and process design and manufacturing. Dr. Chaudhury is very active in Additive Manufacturing industry through his involvement in America Makes, ASTM F42 committee, ASM International, SME, and industry programs. Dr. Chaudhury is a Metallurgical Engineer by trade and has long association with Aerospace and Defense manufacturing industry. He has conducted workshops and seminars on Additive Manufacturing around the globe.
He began his professional career at National Center for Metalworking Technology where he developed and managed several large forging and forming related programs for US Navy Manufacturing Technology Program. He also served as the Chief Metallurgist at General Dynamics - Ordnance and Tactical Systems where he developed manufacturing processes and products for the US military. He has the requisite metallurgical and structure-property relations knowledge and Materials and Processing background to help the metal 3D printing industry, including the machine developers, part manufacturers and the component designers. He also has strong affiliations and involvement in testing and processing standards organizations to assist in future progress of the metal Additive Manufacturing technologies

Company Profile (Exova Group plc)

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Exova is a global testing, quality assurance, and advising company with more than 130 laboratories in 32 countries including more than 50 metals technology laboratories around the globe. Exova has a long established reputation for offering a high quality, fast and reliable service that helps optimise design and manufacturing processes, improve cycle times and reduce costs. From the early design and material selection phase, through the first article inspection, to ongoing optimisation for performance and durability, Exova's nationally and internationally accredited laboratories provide a full spectrum of mechanical testing, from routine quality control, inspections to highly complex test projects which require advanced measurement, testing and inspection technology.
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